About Us


Nic Nacz burst into life as a mission - to create something meaningful that brought fulfilment to us, an enjoyable experience to you, and a golden opportunity to have an impact on the less fortunate people of the world. We hope a little of this magic brushes off on you :) And if you haven't checked out our Mission page yet, please be sure to do so here! Hint: it's important!

So how do we promise to help you? (besides bringing amazing little slices of joy into your life!)

We're also customers, we buy things online, and poor service has been our biggest frustration in the past. We're not going to let that happen, and providing you with the best possible experience is vital to us. We offer a refund policy you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else, and if there's any other way we can help please do get hold of us. We may not be meeting in person but we're real folk and we do care!

Get in touch at our Contact page or email us. Feedback is most appreciated!

Thanks for sharing your time with us, and have an awesome day!